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Wrist Injury

This problem, which may be associated with nerve damage or nerve compression, is usually caused by a slip or trip when trying to break a fall using the hands or as a result of a car accident due to direct trauma and includes sprains, dislocations and broken bones (fractures). In addition damage can be caused by repetitive use resulting in inflammation of the tendons (tendonitis). Carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a nerve compression problem, may also occur from repetitive motion. Falls present a particular problem as often both arms are affected causing serious difficulties during the healing process often requiring a considerable amount of care and assistance particularly for elderly victims. In these cases wrist injury compensation claim settlements can be substantial when the care element is added into the overall amount of the award.

    Carpal Fractures and Dislocations

    • Scaphoid fractures are a common type of wrist fracture. It is a fracture of one of the eight small wrist bones (scaphoid) on the thumb side of the wrist. Tenderness is felt below the thumb. Untreated scaphoid fractures often lead to arthritis of the wrist. Treatment consists of a cast or surgery. The fractured bone may take 3 to 4 months to heal.


    • Carpal instability may take many forms and represents a spectrum of injury including scapholunate dissociation, lunate and perilunate dislocations, scaphoid fracture, and other intercarpal instabilities. The mechanism of injury is usually a fall onto an outstretched hand with hand rotation, which may lead to a variety of injuries. Often, the only symptom is wrist pain. The injury should be splinted.

    Tendonitis (tenosynovitis)

    • Tendonitis, also called tenosynovitis, is a common condition characterised by irritation and inflammation of the tendons around the joint. The inflammation also makes movements of the tendon painful and difficult. Tendonitis results from a sudden twist-and-snap motion. The most common and consistent complaint of patients diagnosed with tendonitis is pain over the area of inflammation. Swelling of the surrounding soft-tissues is also quite common. Treatment options include: immobilisation, pain killers, anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections, and surgery in severe cases.

    Sprain / Strain

    • A sprain or strain is an injury to the ligaments without any evidence of bone injury. With a sprain, there is usually only a partial tearing of the ligaments. In severe sprain, there can be a complete tear. Mild sprains can be usually be treated with rest, pain killers, ice to reduce the swelling, compression with a bandage, and elevation. Moderate sprains may need to be immobilised with a wrist splint for 7 to 10 days. Severe sprains may require surgery to repair the fully torn ligament.

Wrist Injury Solicitors

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