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Spinal Cord Injury - SCI

Every year in the Australia there are over 100 new spinal cord injury (SCI) patient admissions in specialist centres. This figure does not include the thousands of individuals who are less severely injured who receive treatment from a General Hospital. About 40% of SCIs are the result of a fall and about 40% are as a result of a road accident with a further significant percentage being as a result of criminal violence. In many of these cases a third party will be liable in negligence for causing the injury and therefore liable to pay compensation to the victim. The most common types of SCI include :-

  • contusion (bruising of the cord)
  • compression (caused by pressure)
  • lacerations (tearing of nerve fibres)
  • severing (complete break)

Complete and Incomplete SCI

The degree of disability following an SCI will depend on the level of injury and whether the injury was complete or incomplete :-

    Complete SCI:-

      A complete SCI produces total loss of all motor and sensory function below the level of injury. Almost one half of all SCI's are complete. About 3 percent of these patients will show some improvement over the first 24 hours. After 24 hours improvement is almost never seen. Even in a complete SCI, the spinal cord is rarely cut completely. More commonly, loss of function is caused by a contusion or bruise or by compromise of blood flow to the injured part.

    Incomplete SCI:-

      In an incomplete SCI, the amount and type of message that can pass between the brain and parts of the body will depend on how many nerves have not been damaged. The level of injury is determined by which vertebrae have been damaged. The closer to the brain, the greater the loss of function and feeling will be. If you have suffered physical damage that is the result of somebody elses negligence whether in the workplace, in a public place, at a sporting event, in a traffic or road accident, we can assist you in making a spine injury compensation claim.

Paraplegia & Quadriplegia

Paraplegia is a complication of a back injury. The result is paralysis below the waist. Patients cannot feel heat or cold, hard or soft, sharp or dull or any sensation below the level of the injury. There is no control of muscles, so patients cannot walk or control their bladder. Other symptoms such as pain or sensitivity to stimuli, muscle spasms and sexual dysfunction may develop over time.

Quadriplegia is a complication of a neck injury. The result is paralysis from the neck down. Patients cannot feel heat or cold, hard or soft, sharp or dull or any sensation below the neck. There is loss of control of muscles, inability to walk, inability to move arms, bladder and bowel incontinence.

Spine Injury Compensation

SCI compensation claim settlements are often very substantial, frequently running into millions of pounds, however no amount of money can ever compensate for the emotional and physical effects on the patient which can produce lifestyle changes including :-

  • lengthy and often recurrent hospitalisation
  • reduced mobility
  • dependency on others

If as a result of your accident, you require a high level of care from third parties (such as nursing and domestic assistance) then the court will award you compensation to cover the cost of this care. Your damages award will cover both the cost of past care and the cost of any future ongoing care that may be needed. In some cases full-time nursing care may be needed.

If you suffer from paraplegia or quadriplegia that is the result of someone else's fault, then you should instruct a spine injury compensation solicitor to take legal action for damages. The amount of compensation that you will be entitled to will depend upon the severity of your condition and your needs as a result of your injuries and disabilities.

Pain and suffering is a term used by lawyers to describe the mental or emotional injuries such as post traumatic disorder, depression, anxiety, fear, embarrassment that accident victims commonly suffer following physical injury. When assessing the general damages component of your spinal injury compensation claim, the court will look at how your injuries and disabilities have affected your life. A loss of amenities claim is where the ability to enjoy pre-accident activities such as walking or playing sport is lost as a result of injury caused by the accident.

You can also claim the cost of medical and rehabilitation expenses such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractor, wheelchairs, housing modifications (such as ramps and wide corridors for wheelchair access) and adaptive technologies (such as specially modified computer equipment, modified cars).

Spine Injury Compensation Solicitors

Our spine injury compensation solicitors are specialists in representing accident victims in car accidents, accidents at work, slips, trips, falls and the victims of crime. They are highly skilled negotiators with a reputation for providing quality advice, having in-depth legal knowledge and outstanding ability to grapple with complex issues. To receive legal advice from an expert personal injury solicitor please use our helpline or complete our contact form.

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