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Broken Arm

Falling on an outstretched hand or being in a car crash or some other type of accident is usually the cause of this injury. Most people know right away if they have broken their arm, because there may be a snap or a cracking sound. The broken arm may appear deformed and be swollen, bruised and bleeding. If this injury is the result of negligence by some other person then you should investigate the possibility of making a broken arm compensation claim.

Symptoms of a forearm fracture include :-

  • Any type of deformity about the elbow, forearm or wrist
  • Severe pain
  • Tenderness at the site of the fracture
  • Swelling at the site of the fracture
  • An inability to rotate or turn the forearm

A fall on an outstretched hand may cause the end of the lower arm bone (radius) to fracture just above the wrist. This is known as a Colles fracture.

A humerus fracture is a fracture of the upper arm bone, usually near the shoulder joint. It can occur after a fall or twisting force.

Elbow fractures can involve any of the three bones that make up the joint (radius, ulna, and humerus). Radial neck fractures (the upper end of the radius) occur commonly in active adults after a fall on an outstretched arm. A tender spot develops on the outer side of the elbow and becomes painful when the arm is straightened. X-rays may just show a faint crack in less severe cases.

In treating a broken arm, the doctor may need to move pieces of bone back into their correct positions. This process is called reduction. Depending upon the severity of injury, the patient may or may not need anaesthesia. Those with more serious arm fractures may require surgical repair.

Once the broken bone is back in place, the arm should be immobilised by a cast or splint. It may take from several weeks to several months for the broken arm to heal completely.

Rehabilitation involves gradually increasing activities to restore muscle strength, joint motion and flexibility. Rehabilitation lasts until function is restored.

Broken Arm Compensation Solicitors

  1. Our broken arm compensation solicitors will provide you with legal advice on your rights and entitlements to compensation with no further obligation.
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  3. If you decide to instruct any of our specialists to obtain compensation for you, they will act on a no win no fee basis. Compensation is paid in full and win or lose there is no charge.

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